There are more than 500,000 children in the foster care system across the United States and over 100,000 of them will never be reunited with their biological families. Many foster care youth find themselves plagued with issues of abandonment; mental, emotional and physical disabilities; low self-esteem; and poor academic performance, to name a few. Then there are those who age out of foster care without the necessary tools for survival who are then confronted with issues of substance abuse, higher levels of unemployment, unplanned pregnancies, homelessness, and engagement in criminal activity that often lead to incarceration, etc.

Add to that, a devastating number of underperforming and failing schools within our public school system and we have a cause for significant alarm. There is a war on education and the aggressors include ineffective teachers and students and parents who are giving up on the fight for better education. As the dropout rates continue to increase so do poverty rates. We are in a state of emergency. It will take each of us to affect the change needed for America to succeed globally.


Athletes for Charity is a nonprofit organization headquartered in New York. Our mission is to serve as a charitable initiative dedicated towards encouraging the giving of time, financial resources, and information to improve the collective lives of disadvantaged youth, advance the common good and support the nonprofit sectors that benefit underprivileged and foster care children.

Athletes for Charity achieves its mission by teaming up with professional athletes, sports leagues and teams, various sports professionals, foster care agencies and related organizations, as well as volunteers and mentors, to empower and support the development of disadvantaged youth. Athletes for Charity is a volunteer based organization that relies on its most valuable resource, volunteers, to benefit youth.

Athletes for Charity's objectives as they relate to foster care, include but are not limited to the following:

Additional objectives include:

Athletes for Charity's work range from the planning and implementation of football camps and basketball clinics for youth; holiday toy drives for underprivileged children; assisting with the establishment of athlete foundations and charitable projects; sponsoring youth groups to attend sporting events; coordinating athlete appearances; and planning special events which include youth and athlete participation i.e. "Bowl with an Athlete" and "Back to School / Sports Day" events.


Athletes for Charity has been honored to support the efforts of the following foster care agencies, youth organizations and schools:


Athletes for Charity would like to acknowledge the following supporters for their continued commitment towards our efforts to serve underprivileged youth:


Athletes for Charity is a project of United Charitable Programs, Inc. (UCP) - a registered 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) public charity (EIN# 20-4286082). For UCP Policies & Procedures please visit:

All moneys raised by the Athletes for Charity are received by United Charitable Programs and become the sole property of UCP which, for internal operating purposes, allocates the funds to the Project. The Program Manager makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by UCP for approval.



Cathleen C. Laporte
Athletes for Charity